Tonight’s Dinner

Tonight's Dinner

Paruppu Adai, Avial, Tomato Rasam with Jaggery


“ek akela is sheher mein, raat mein aur dopahar mein, SABUDANA dhoondhta hai, Sabudana dhoondhta hai….”

Guess what Ravi and I made today………..

If you guessed Sabudana khichdi, then you are wrong;

if you guessed Sabudana Vada, then you are getting warmer…

We had some soaked sabudana (sago) which was intended for Sabudana Payasam (which never got made, btw  …) , and we were expecting guests. So, the plan was to make vadas with it, adding boiled potatoes and a mixture of peanuts, fresh coriander, some roasted cumin, green chillies and a little ginger. Usually, I shallow fry these vadas in a non-stick pan, so they don’t consume too much oil.  I don’t deep fry it, because we are so health conscious, you see…  So, I put it in the oven to bake. Normally, if I’d to bake the vadas, I added some grated cheddar cheese in the dough. It comes out soft inside, yet crispy with the cheesy bubbles outside.. However, we’d run out of cheese…

So, the baked vadas turned out really crispy… like biscuits.. It wouldn’t be much fun just like that….

Then, a chaat struck me!!! I mean, an idea !!!

We cut some onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, green chillies and fresh coriander very finely, crumbled the vadas in bite-sized pieces and tossed them all together in a salad bowl. Squeezed half a lemon and served this salad with a  topping of some creamy yoghurt and a sprinkle of very little  jeeraman powder.

Sabudana Vada Salad Chaat

You can also add finely chopped kairi (raw mango), dhania- jeera powder(instead of jeeraman) or some sweet and tangy tamarind chutney to this. This will make a very good cold salad/ chaat with any food..  I served this salad with Methi Puri and Aloo Mutter. Our guest loved it and we did too..

I fear it’s addictive! Every time I walk into the kitchen, a spoonful goes into my mouth..  It’s tangtastic ! (like they say in the Haribo advert..)

You could also try a similar chaat with our very own Masala Vada / Paruppu Vada or go international with some crispy Falafels and let me know…

So, don’t just go, Sa–go from, “Kavi’s Kitchen’

“What’s in my dabba for lunch mummy???”

This is a question, that I actually fear. No, not because I’m a lazy mother, I have my reasons… 🙂

1) She never finishes her lunch and

2) She doesn’t like to try something new, but also gets bored of eating the same things too often… wow, am I in a fix or what!!!

Then, one day I had a Eureka moment :-)) …(Many mums would now think, “Gosh, how slow is she!”)

Well I did; and thought of using some cookie- cutters.. (They lie around the house and I never use them for BAKING  >:0 )

I thought, she likes chappathis and she likes gingerbread man biscuits; so, I made Gingerbreadman Chappathis!!!

They are made from simple chappathi dough and cut out in Gingerbreadman shapes. (cooked on a griddle, of course!) Then I sprinkle some sugar on the top, add some favourite fruit/ veg salad on the side and voila, lunch is ready!


Similarly, if you have a Karanji /biscuit cutter, the world is your chappathi dough! (I mean, oyster) 🙂

shaped chappathis

 Why only lunch, try it out with your dosa batter. If your child doesn’t fancy a regular perfectly round crispy Dosa, maybe she/ he’ll like a Minnie /Mickey Mouse Dosa or a Teddy Bear Dosa, don’t stop there, make a boat, a cake, a bow …..or alphabets…..  I’m sure, they’ll gobble up 6-7 shapes in minutes…. Mine does 🙂

Try them out and send me the pictures..

Cuddles, from’K avi’s Kitchen’…

Happy Vishu!

If you thought I got bored and left, think again…..

I’d like to say that I was busy with Vishu and my daughter’s birthday party and etc…..etc….. , but that’s not all true…. It was my daughter’s birthday on the same day as Vishu and we did have a double celebration. But, not so busy that I couldn’t write… I was just plain lazy… to put it better, I was pondering what to write.

And then, I landed on Mixed Vegetable Bhajiya and Avial.. the topic, not the actual dishes!

Well, they don’t actually go together… I made them on two different occassions… phew!

We had a party for my daughter’s birthday and included Mixed Veg bhajiyas along with Idli Tadka and coriander chutney idli sandwich for the adults. No, we didn’t starve the children, they had a kiddie meal of mini idlis,  french crepes, cucumber sandwiches, crisps and juice. Full marks to my husband for going ahead with the sandwich idlis, despite my resistance. They were yummmmmmmmmmmy…… And of course, a little pat on my back for the Mix-veg bhajiyas…Ahem!  Both our dishes were very popular that day….Thank you very much……

Vishu, was celebrated with the whole family and a few close friends. We decided to each bring in a dish and finally have a traditional 3 course meal served on plaintain leaves, called ‘Saddhi’. And, we had everything from Payasam, Sambar, Thovran, Kootu curry, Avial, Rasam to Kichchadi.. even papadam.. yummm.. My contribution – Avial.

So, my dear readers, here goes my Avial recipe: for 4

Vegs you need : Ash gourd, Pumpkin, Matoke (raw Plaintain), Yam, Snake gourd, Drumsticks (all cut approx 1 inch in length , like narrow strips)  — 1 cup each cut veg   (My dad is a Master Cutter when it comes to cutting vegs for Avial!  He should, maybe, teach a vegetable cutting class.. I’d want to be in that class!)

Other Ingredients you need: A small lemon-sized ball of tamarind, curry leaves, freshly  grated coconut/ frozen coconut (thawed), yoghurt( sour yet smooth) and coconut oil (2-3 tsp)

Let all these vegs cook in very little / just enough water with a pinch of turmeric (you don’t want the Avial to turn yellow) and salt as per taste. (most of these vegs contain water in them and they leave water while cooking)

Add pulp of a small lemon-sized ball of tamarind into the vegs to cook.

Make sure the vegs don’t turn soggy, that they retain their shape.. Add a few curry leaves for flavour..

Meanwhile, grind 3-4 green chillies with a cup of freshly grated coconut / frozen coconut (let it thaw before grinding) with little water to paste.

Add this coconut paste to the vegs and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.

Turn off stove and then stir in 3-4 tbsp of sour yet smooth yoghurt. (watery yoghurt will make your Avial runny and not blend well. In my experience, low fat yoghurt works well)

Now, in a separate kadhai, warm up 2-3 tsp of coconut oil and add a few curry leaves. Finally, add this to your Avial and give it a gentle stir.  mmm… There’s your Avial ready to be eaten with ‘Adai’ or as a side with Sambar/ Rasam rice.

Hope my recipe helps…. If you are already a master at it, give me feedback/ comments…

Enjoy your meal !

More to come from ‘Kavi’s Kitchen’…..